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Our Story

MedInd Group, Inc. (MIG) was formed by merging several small independent consulting entities and individuals into a full service consulting and operations company. Each of the merged entities and principals has a unique set of knowledge and skills that encompass all the areas of healthcare, both administrative and clinical. Collectively we have hundreds of years of experience.

Our Premise

MedInd Group has offices in multiple states across all time zones without the overhead and associated costs of the traditional consulting company. In addition to our principals, our clients benefit from our exclusive Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) and affiliated partners which provide services and products at reduced prices. MIG is able to pass on these rates due to the collective buying power of our clients which means twenty to fifty percent savings is passed on to them.

Why Choose Us

MedInd Group was created to help medical providers and groups balance the delivery of optimal, exceptional clinical care with the complexities of healthcare administration and patient and employee satisfaction. Let MedInd Group design a personalized approach to assist you with optimizing your practice’s overall financial health and well-being while meeting national and international healthcare standards.

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Renee Ballantyne BSN, MHPA

Chief Executive Officer

Renee has over 35 years of healthcare experience. She received her BSN from Seattle University and worked as one of the first RN’s hired to the Bone Marrow Transplant unit at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute in Seattle. After leaving the hospital, Renee joined a startup Infusion company and helped to grow and manage clinical operations. During this time Renee, not only lead the clinical operations and sales teams, but she was responsible for managed care contracting and JCAHO and Medicare accreditations. Renee was a founding member and past president of the Washington State Case Management Association, and she received her Master’s degree from Washington State University in Health Policy and Administration. After spending more than a dozen years in the infusion marketplace Renee joined Genentech where she was a consistent award winner throughout her thirteen years. Renee held numerous positions including a hospital contracting representative, clinical coordinator in market expansion and development role in the virology franchise setting up Hep C treatment program in ten western states. And Account Management where she educated Allergy Practices on the process of acquiring and billing biologic medications. In her past role she was responsible for all aspects of practice operations and management for 12 locations and two research facilities across four western states. She initiated provider contracting and credentialing protocols and full integration of clinic operations resulting in consistency in care offerings and billing across all sites. She also initiated an employee onboarding process, performance improvement and personal development plans resulting in increased employee satisfaction and retention. Transitioned employees and benefits to a PEO. Implemented clinical liaison program and increased direct referrals from physicians resulting in growth of new patient starts. Reengineered revenue cycle management and realized a decrease in patient AR and aligned aging buckets to meet or exceed MGMA standards. Overhauled inventory and supply chain management initiated “just in time” inventory, vendor consolidation and accounts resulting in increased buying power and rebate opportunities. Increased payer panel participation and began infusion operations throughout system.

Nathaniel Ballantyne

Chief Financial Officer

Nathaniel Ballantyne is a graduate of Hunter College in NY and Florida Coastal School of Law. Nathaniel spent his early career at the World Bank doing feasibility analysis for multibillion dollar projects. He also worked as a Prosecutor in the Brooklyn DA’s office and in private practice focusing on criminal defense, civil rights and business law. Nathaniel joined MedInd group as our Chief Financial and Corporate Compliance Officer in 2020.

Kristin Whittington, BSBM

Chief Administrative Officer

Kristin is has worked the healthcare field since 2007. She graduated with her Bachelor Degree in Healthcare Administration from Western Governor’s University. Over the years she worked in multiple aspects of healthcare for a private practice including clinical and operations. She helped in the development of a Clinical Liaison Program which provided outside sales and service education to providers within the community. She also helped establish and manage 13 infusion departments covering four states creating a new revenue stream for the practice. Kristin holds a Black Belt Certification in SIx Sigma.

Wil Morris, Esq

Corporate Legal Counsel

Mr. Morris, was admitted as a member of the New York and Florida Bar in 1992 and 1995, respectively. After obtaining a degree in Business Management and Finance, Mr. Morris attended the University of Miami School of Law, where he graduated cum laude in 1991. At the University of Miami, Mr. Morris was a Member of the Inter-American Law Review, and served as an Associate Justice of the Moot Court Board.
Upon graduation from law school, Mr. Morris worked in the New York offices of the prestigious law firm of Baker & McKenzie.
As a young Associate, in addition to being involved with representing international clients in complex litigation matters, Mr. Morris authored “Service of Process In Switzerland,” New York Law Journal, Page 3, Column 1, October 17, 1991, reprinted in 1 New & Burrows, The Practice of International Litigation, 1992; “Obtaining Evidence from U.S. Nationals Abroad,” New York Law Journal, Page 3, Column 1, October 21, 1993.
In 1994, Mr. Morris relocated to Miami, Florida where he took a job with the boutique litigation firm known as Tew, Cardinas, et al. In 1997, and as a precursor to opening his own firm, Mr. Morris briefly joined the firm of Isicoff & Ragatz as a Senior Litigation Associate.
Mr. Morris opened his own firm as a sole practitioner in 1999 offering a broad array of legal services from civil litigation to criminal matters. In addition to being certified in defending foreclosure cases up through the appellate process, Mr. Morris is a seasoned litigator who has handled and tried cases involving complex commercial transactions, personal injury, civil rights, health law and criminal issues.
For the past two years, Mr. Morris has been an appointed member of the Miami-Dade County Planning Advisory Board which is tasked with making recommendations – following a televised public hearing – to the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners relating to zoning and other matters.

Johanna Ubiera

Vice-President, International Business Development

Ms. Ubiera joined MedIndGroup in 2021 as Vice President for International Business Development. She represents MedIndGroup in Latin America and she is currently located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Her extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in Latin America have been a great asset to the company as we expand our footprints in several countries.

Ms. Ubiera holds a Masters Degree in clinical psychology and is a certified business consultant and an expert in import/export of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products.

Gustave De La Force

Vice President, Global Strategies

Practice Startup

MedInd Group provides a comprehensive approach to healthcare practice initiation from business filings to seeing your first patient. Whether you need total assistance or select services, MedInd Group is your solution.

Website Design and Branding

Consistency in image and messaging is paramount. MedInd Group's inhouse design team will create a website and a trademarked logo that reflects your vision and keeps your patients and practice needs in mind. Additionally, through SEO and Social Media we will design a marketing plan to meet your goals and budget.

Paper Chart Conversion

Converting from paper charts to an EMR is a process which requires forethought and attention. MedInd Group will assist in determining which records need to be retained and for how long, mapping from billing system to the new EMR, scanning and storage of records and the cost and HIPAA and compliance related matters.


MedInd Group has a number of nationally known speakers on the topics of healthcare: both administrative and clinical topics. Collectively we have given over 500 speeches across the United States and penned dozens of articles for national publications. If you would like a specific topic presented or look at our list of existing topics, just let us know. We provide honorarium free presentations and publications to our clients and non-profit entities and significantly reduced honorarium for other entities.


Information Technology and Practice Management are intertwined in today’s reality of data driven medicine. The need to have efficient PM/EMR systems and processes that comply with mandated security rules while maintaining optimal usability is paramount to this reality. With over 30 years of experience in PM/EMR systems as well as the peripheral systems and networks that support them, MedInd Group’s comprehensive Practice Management services bring the human and technological aspects of Practice Management to the highest levels


Is your goal to expand? MedInd Group’s team is well versed at acquisitions of all kinds. MedInd Group’s team can:
  • Assess Marketplace
  • Perform Due Diligence
  • Financial Package Preparation
  • Create an integration plan with focus on IT and systems conversions, operational workflows, contracting and credentialing needs, AR closure, EHR conversions, staff ratios and clinical considerations.
  • Lead the Integration Team


MedInd Group has contracted with a number of national firms to provide additional services to our clients in an all inclusive environment. The Affiliate Program provides access to national companies that generally do not cater to smaller practices. You get our access and oversight on these services, bundled into our virtual and on-site staff.   The Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) allows for each of our clients to receive preferred pricing for services of contracted companies. Through the combination of incremental purchases by multiple clients, everyone receives discounted pricing. Collectively MedInd Groups clients have greater buying power! As MedInd Group grows as does your discount.   The Affiliate and GPO services are accessible without using other MedInd Group services if desired. Your MedInd principal will discuss your needs and see if MedInd Groups GPO is the solution.   If you would like to become part of MedInd Group’s GPO please call 1-888-832-9003.


Do you know the cost of delivering care to a patient? Per Payer? Per Provider? Per CPT? If you are interested in this level of analysis MedInd Group’s proprietary system and assessment team can assist you. We will look at all aspects of practice operations and clinical care from product acquisition, patient acquisition, procedural costs, patient flow, billing and collections, and provider and staff reimbursement. Until a true cost analysis is completed it is difficult to know how to increase profitability while providing optimal necessary patient care.


Regulatory compliance is essential. At MIG we recognize the time constraints on most practices. We are here to guide you in the development of a risk and compliance program. Our consultants use proven expertise and various technologies to help our clients identify potential risks across a broad spectrum of administrative, technical and clinical operations. You will be armed with the information needed to evaluate your risks, implement processes and procedures to negate or minimize them; and have an ongoing plan to manage the compliance program you are required to operate


Administrative: MedInd Group’s team can provide an administrative assessment for specific needs or as a review of the total practice. We have the expertise to help strategically look at your practice, propose solutions to issues, help implement those solutions and measure results. If you have determined that your practice could benefit from an assessment in any or all of the following areas, please let us talk at your convenience:
  1. Revenue Cycle Management
  2. Human Resources
  3. Operations Management
  4. Patient Flow
  5. Systems Analysis
  6. Policies and Procedures
  7. Billing (Internal or outsourced billing relationships can be reviewed)
  8. Performance Metrics and Benchmarking
  9. Contracts Review and Negotiations (review existing and suggestions for potential new contracts)
  10. Compliance and Risk (Both administrative and clinical)
  11. Customer, Vendor, Patient and Provider Satisfaction
  12. Patient Experience Analysis
  13. Social Media
  14. Credentialing
  15. Strategic Plans
  16. Practice Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Practice Sales
  17. Practice Start-ups
  18. Physician Metrics and Compensation
  19. MIG will perform a comprehensive assessment and review of clinical operations, with enhanced efficiencies while providing quality control measures. Ensuring consistencies among clinical staff and optimal payer reimbursement.


A Buy and Bill Process for Specialty Medications has the potential to be very lucrative. This process takes a keen understanding of the many layers associated with it. The team at MIG has years of experience helping offices transition and maintain a successful Buy and Bill Process including pharmaceutical, vendor, and payer contracts, insurance authorizations, and drug inventory.


Insurance contracting goes well beyond the rate paid. It takes vigilance and understanding to navigate the complexities of payor rules and requirements to ensure optimal and timely reimbursement. MedInd Group’s proprietary approach to contract navigation, analysis and ongoing monitoring provides the ability to customize each payor negotiation or renegotiation to your specific practice needs. MIG additionally has expertise in exclusive contracts, shared risk agreements and capitation.


In healthcare, especially in this current climate, providers and practices all face an audit from multiple points. The Principals at MIG are well versed at audit preparation, ensuring that audits are addressed from every angle. The types of audits we have successfully completed include, but are not limited to: Insurance companies, State Licensing Boards, System Certifications including Microsoft, Payroll, Medicare/Medicaid, OSHA, CLIA and many more. In addition to audits MedInd Group can assist with appeal preparation regarding payment, coverage and recoupments. If a provider or the practice is involved in a situation requiring arbitration, MedInd Group's team of experienced professionals will be with you every step of the way, from preparation through resolution.


Interested in becoming involved with pharmaceutical-sponsored research? MedInd Group is your intro into clinical research. Conducting clinical research is distinctly different from traditional practice. The specialists at MedInd Group help navigate the requirements to establish a successful clinical research site.
We offer support across the spectrum to assist or complete for you the following:
  1. Completion of regulatory paperwork.
  2. Ensuring all basic requirements for trial site-selection are implemented.
  3. Manage mandated staff training.
  4. Appropriate hiring of research staff.
  5. Restructuring the clinic space to accommodate the capacity essential for studies.
  6. Acquisition and setup of the equipment needed to complete studies.
  7. All other aspects of setting up a successful clinical research site.
Once a site has been selected for a study, MedInd Group can also be an additional resource for staff when they experience an unfamiliar circumstance.


MedInd Group is pleased to offer interim management solutions to those in need. We can place our principals, staff, and/or affiliated partners in a medical practice to cover short or long-term assignments.

To discuss short or long term placement needs please contact us for the following positions among others:

  1. Administrator and VP level
  2. Office Managers
  3. Clinical Managers
  4. Department Heads
  5. Project Coordinators